Dr. Xiao’s research interest spans from nano and meso-scale materials synthesis, electrochemical catalysis/kinetics to advanced characterization with the goal to understand the synthesis-structure- performance relationship in energy-related materials and their underlying reaction mechanisms. Of particular interest is the identification of new materials and novel technologies for energy storage and conversion. She has solid background in materials chemistry, electrochemistry along with materials synthesis and characterizations. Dr. Xiao has been leading research thrusts in both practical applications and fundamental study of energy-related materials and systems, spanning from micro-battery for acoustic fish tags to advanced battery and flow battery technologies for vehicle electrification and stationary applications, respectively. Her work has been widely reported by many media including a feather story on the Office of Science website, C&EN, R&D magazine, U.S. Department of State, Scientific American etc. I have published more than 70 peer-reviewed journal papers (Google H- index=41), 2 book chapters and filed 17 US patents (issued and applied) in the field of energy storage and conversion.