Jingnan, Witness and Yang will head to Pacific Northwest National Lab to work as summer intern students there. We hope they will all have a fruitful research during the summer and also enjoy the sunshine and wine in Washington State.

In April 2018, Bingbin’s work has been published in Energy&Environmental Science.Congratulations! Many thanks for the great effort and collaboration with Prof.Yang’s team at University of Washington.

In May 2018, Dr.Bingbin Wu started his new adventure on west coast. We hope all the best to him and his lovely family. All the good memories will be remembered by us.

A wonderful holiday celebration dinner together….. without Dr.Xiao….But she paid for that… ūüôā

In September, our proposal¬†(Co-PI) entitled “Enabling Proactive Mitigation of Environmental Stresses in Crops and Efficient Use of Resources through In-Plant Sensing” has been funded by Chancellor‚Äôs Discovery, Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration Fund. Many thanks to Prof.Jia Di for leading this interdisciplinary research!

In August, our group received DOE/SBIR grant (lead PI: Giner Inc) to study the membrane properties for high energy batteries. Thanks for the support!

In July, our group recently has been awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the interfacial reactions. Many thanks to the support!

Josh’s second paper is now available online. We reviewed the research progress towards practical Li-S batteries¬†on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Thanks for the kind invitation!

Dr.Xiao gave quite a few invited talks during the summer such as the breakout session lead on “battery packing and integration with Aerospace Vehicles” at NASA, Cleveland.

In May, Dr.Xiao took a joint position between PNNL and UARK.

4/18/2017, Joshua Lochala delivered an invited talk on Li-S batteries at Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring meeting on behalf of Dr.Xiao.

4/17/2017, Dr.Xiao participated the 12th U.S.-China Electric Vehicle and Battery Technology Meeting to be held in Zuhai, China. She met many colleagues and friends there. 

4/14/2017, Dr.Xiao gave an invited talk on The 3rd International Forum on Cathode & Anode Materials for Advanced Batteries, Ningbo, China. She discussed the interplay between SEI and Li growth with the audience.

3/7/2017, Joshua Lochala attended the International Battery Association meeting March 5-10, 2017 in Nara, Japan. He delivered an invited talk on solid state electrolyte interface on behalf of Dr.Xiao

1/27/2017, Dr.Xiao forced her colleague and students to celebrate Chinese New Year by inviting their families to have authentic Chinese food in a local restaurant. Fortunately, they remembered to take a picture after the dinner.



10/31/2016, Dr.Xiao delivered a department seminar at Materials Science and Engineering Department at University of Washington. Thanks for the kind invitation!

Joshua Lochala has been selected as the symposium assistant for ES2 : Materials Challenges for Flow-Based Energy Conversion and Storage of 2016 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting at Boston. Congratulations!

Dr.Xiao has been selected as a member-at-large of Battery Division of The Electrochemical Society. Thanks for the nomination!

8/22/2016, our group’s paper (invited) for Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Impactor Factor: 8.2) has been published online. This article discussed the interfaces between electrodes and solid state electrolyte. Click Here¬†for the full paper. Great job, team!

7/27/2016, the NSF/REU student,Tyler Taverne, presented his summer research¬†for the REU program. He accomplished a lot of valuable experiments with very interesting discoveries within 10-week research at our group. Tyler is now preparing for a journal paper¬†by using the results he gathered during summer.Thanks to Dr. Bingbin Wu (left in the third picture below) who supervised Tyler’s research and passed his own hands-on skills to Tyler in the lab. Great work!!

tyler-Taverne_REUPresentationTyler Taverne_Bingbin WuTyler Taverne_REU1

7/15/2016, Dr.Xiao delivered an invited talk at National Key Laboratory of Power Sources, Tianjin Institute of Power Sources, Tianjin, China. She presented the  Li-S battery research along with other recent work at her group. Thanks for the kind invitation!

7/5/2016 Dr.Xiao gave an invited talk at the Chemistry Department at Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China. She discussed with the audiences on the recent progress on Li-S battery technology. Thanks for the invitation!

6/1/2016 Dr.Xiao gave an invited talk for symposium I02 “Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics” during the 229th ECS meeting at San Diego. She discussed the “Applications of Solid State Electrolytes in Li-Ion Batteries and Beyond“.

5/30-6/1/2016 Dr. Xiao led organized a symposium A05 ” Electrochemistry and Batteries for Safe and Low-cost Energy Storage” for the 229th¬†¬†Electrochemical Society (ECS) meeting at San Diego.

5/23/2016, Dr.Xiao was invited to give a talk for the Li-S battery workshop hosted by DOE Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR). She discussed the recent progress of sulfur cathode research. 

5/15/2016, Joshua Lochala is now the president of our University Chapter of Materials Research Society (MRS). He and other chapter officers will help local students to actively participate in professional society meetings. Great Job!

Joshua Lochala and Wille Evans have been selected to participate in the Regional I-Corps Training program being run by the SW I-Corps Node and hosted by UAF, UAMS, and UALR. Congratulations!

5/5/2016, Willie Evans got an offer to work as a summer intern student at PNNL. He will get the opportunity to operate the world-class characterization tools there! Congratulations!

5/3/2016, Dr.Bingbin Wu and Dr.Yuesheng Wang joined our group. They are both experts in the field of battery technologies. Welcome!

4/19/2016, Joshua Lochala got an offer to work as a summer intern student at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, one of the US Department of Energy (DOE) national labs. He will initiate some collaborative research between UofA and PNNL. Congratulations!


3/30/2016, Dr. Xiao gave an invited talk at MRS 2016 Spring Meeting for symposium EE5. She discussed the recent Li-S battery research progress.The invited speakers had a banquet together.

Willie Evans (co-advised by Dr.Ryan Tian) joined our group! Welcome on board!

John Winkleman joined our group. Welcome, John!

Joshua Lochala joined our group as the first graduate student!

1/4/2016 Dr. Xiao arrived at UofA. She joined Chemistry & Biochemistry department at UofA as an associate professor. She was also the Arkansas Research Alliance (ARA) Scholar of that year.