Application-driven fundamental research for electrochemical energy storage and conversion:

* Synthesis of functional materials (silicon, binder, carbon, high energy cathodes etc)for energy applications
* Interfacial reactions and their underlying mechanism
* Advanced characterizations such as in situ NMR and EPR to probe the reaction pathways during the electrochemical processes at the atomic level
* Understand the synthesis-structure performance relationship in energy-related materials

Advanced battery technologies:

* Scalable synthesis of electrochemically active materials for lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries
* Electrolyte and additives for high voltage operation, low/high temperature operation of Li-ion batteries, battery safety improvement and lithium metal protection.
* Cell design for different application
* Microbattery technology for medical devices, wireless transmitters and sensors etc.
* Lithium oxygen batteries
* Lithium sulfur batteries and lithium ion sulfur batteries
* All solid state batteries
* Sodium ion batteries
* Batteries for grid applications